Thank you for your interest in adopting a Chinese Crested from the Rocky Mountain Chinese Crested Rescue.  Please note that we will not grant adoptions if any of the following conditions apply:

  • Your household has more than 2 dogs.
  • Your household has children under the age of 6.
  • The dog will be left alone all day.
  • You are not willing to travel to Denver, CO to pick up the dog for adoption.

If the requirements above are met, please answer the following questions so we can best determine compatibility between you and the prospective Chinese Crested.  All questions on this application must be answered in order for your application to be processed.  If a question is not applicable, please mark it as such.  Thank you for your cooperation.

If you are a retired person or a senior citizen we ask that you consider an older dog to adopt.  Chinese Cresteds remain puppyish well into their senior years and can live a long time.  We want them to have their family right up until the end.  The most frequent reason for a pet animal’s later life abandonment is that their caregiver had to leave them for a nursing home, and their family members did not have space, desire or the ability to care for them.  Please think about how YOUR age and state of health will affect your new dog’s future.


Date of Application:*
Home phone:*
Work phone:
Cell phone:
Number of Children living at home:*
Ages of Children:
List all other dogs and/or cats in the household (include breed, ages and gender):*
Are your dogs and/or cats spayed or neutered:
Please list any pets you have other than dogs or cats:
Do you have a fenced yard?
If not a fenced yard, what arrangements will you have for the dog's exercise and toileting?
Please tell us about former dog(s), you have owned, if any. Describe your life with your former dog(s) and how you came to part with your former dog(s):
Will anyone be home with the Chinese Crested during the day?*
How many hours on average will the Chinese Crested spend alone at your home?*
Where will the dog sleep:*
Your Veterinarian's name:
Veterinarian phone:
How long have you used this Veterinarian?
Is your financial status stable enough to support the dog for its lifetime?*
Please tell us anything about you and/or your family that help us get to know you better: *
Age of dog:*
Color preference:
List color preferences:
Generally speaking, what kind of temperament are you looking for in a dog?*
What specifically attracts you to the Chinese Crested breed?*
What are your expectations and/or concerns about adopting a Chinese Crested from Rocky Mountain Chinese Crested Rescue?
Would you consider adopting a "special needs" rescue, i.e. a Chinese crested with medical problems or challenges?
Would you be interested in adopting a Chinese Crested from outside of Colorado? Note: This may involve paying for the dog's transportation, flight, health certificate, crate, etc., in addition to the adoption fee.
I agree to allowing a member of Rocky Mountain Chinese Crested Rescue to conduct a scheduled home visit prior to my being approved to adopt from the Rescue.*
PERSONAL REFERENCES: (Please use a reference other than a family member.)
Reference name:*
Reference address:*
Reference home phone:*
Reference work phone:
Reference cell phone:
Your relationship with your reference:*
Please type your name here, as signature confirmation that you have completed this application with all seriousness and honesty. We thank you!*
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