Success story...

We ran across this beautiful full coated powderpuff boarding at a vet hospital where one of our members works. We realized it was a dog we rescued 8 years ago. He was in very bad shape and came with 6 other rescues. Look at him today!


The history of the Chinese Crested is uncertain. It is believed that for many centuries Chinese mariners sailed the seas with this breed on board to manage the vermin population, which was infested with parasites and carried disease. Puppies probably were traded with local merchants at port cities.

A puppy to melt your heart

The puppy that everyone wanted has already been Adopted but we wanted to show her picture anyway. 8 week crested puppy from rescue--already adopted. She only weighed 1-1/2 pounds.

Samuel, another success story...

In 2010, Samuel was adopted by Zoe. They moved to Minnesota where Zoe is studying to become a vet and works at a clinic. Samuel get to go to work every day and loves to greet everyone. Recently, he helped teach a class at the Red Lake Indian Reservation to teach the kids the importance of dog care. Lucky dog!!

Chinese Crested dogs are smart, handsome and eager to please.

Rocky Mountain Chinese Crested Rescue, founded in 2001, is located in Denver, Colorado. The Rescue serves all of the Rocky Mountain region. This includes the states of Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona.